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If you’re interested in building your brand awareness in a way that is guaranteed to grab attention, get in touch with us today – we’d be happy to help. 

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We'll take a look and get back in touch with you to establish exactly what results you’re looking for from a potential advertising campaign. We'll then outline what we think you need. It might just be the Ad bikes, or a marketing support package may be more suitable. We will never recommend something unless we’re confident it will add genuine value to your campaign.

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How to Book Our Service & What to Expect

Local & National

Our Head Office is in Chester but we have rider hubs throughout the country to support our clients nationwide. We can support your campaign with 1 rider for 1 day, with several riders over several days or anywhere in between. We can even cover shorter slots more regularly if that’s what works best. The key is understanding what your goals are for your marketing promotion and identifying the best way we can help you achieve that. 

We will work with you to plan your campaign, including dates, times and locations likely to generate the best results. We have 2 campaign planning packages, so if you’re serious about getting amazing results you may want to upgrade from our standard Campaign Plan to our more comprehensive Marketing Support Package. We will happily talk through which of these is the most suitable option for you.

Our riders

Our riders are all trained to ensure they gain the most attention for you, whilst of course riding safely. They all have great customer service skills so they can interact with your potential customers and answer simple questions or hand out leaflets on your behalf. We talk as well as ride, so you get double the marketing impact. 

We’re not here just to take your money and ride though. We know how frustrating it is to spend money with a marketing or advertising company and then get no feedback and no help to quantify the results. That’s why we guarantee to report back to you within four working days of your campaign to clarify the results you’ve achieved and provide an overview of exactly what our riders did for you.

It works
Why do we do it like this? Because it works! We’re really proud of the fact that 92% of our clients come back to us. If you become a client you can rest assured that we will handle your advertising in a reliable, flexible and efficient environment that will achieve real results for your business.

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