Does advertising by bike work? 

  • If you do it correctly, yes
  • 92% of our customers come back to advertise with us again because they are so please with the results
  • One of our retail stores spent £590 on a weekend of advertising and had an increase of £4000 from normal customer shopping in that same weekend
  • Customers reported an increase in awareness as the number one reason why they chose Eco Bike Ads
  • One client has asked us to promote 16 of their events, we are currently on their 11th
  • "The event was very successful we had over 40 people turn up which was brilliant." - More Testimonials 
  • ​We give detailed feedback about the success of every campaign because it’s important we help you track your results. We don’t just take your money and run

We do things differently here and we care about the results of your advertising.

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​​Eco Friendly Advertising That Gets Results

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