It's different 

Bike advertising will give you a huge edge over traditional advertising. By providing something unique and moveable, and with access to pedestrianised streets, we regularly see heads turning and fingers pointing; something that rarely happens with conventional printed adverts.

Your ad-bike would really stand out from the crowd and our riders love getting on the bikes to show off businesses just like yours.

Targeted advertising

You can tailor where we cycle so that we put your advert in front of as many of your target customers as possible. We will work with you beforehand to identify the best streets and locations for your cycle advertising campaign.

Brand ambassadors
Each rider can wear your branded clothing. They won’t just be cycling though, they’ll stop to talk to your customers, explain your offer and hand out promotional material if that’s something you’d like us to do for you. All our riders are fully trained and well-presented so you can be confident your brand will be professionally represented and truly shown off.

Once we’ve completed your bike advertising campaign, we’ll give you all the feedback you need because we know how frustrating it is when marketing companies don’t help you analyse the success of your advertising. We’ll give you details about where we cycled, how much interaction our riders had, what response they received from your customers, plus photographs taken throughout the cycle advertising campaign.

​More information and booking
For more information about our bike advertising packages and prices, please call 01244 960 193 or use our booking form.

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